welcome to the aquatic section of dinosalive! On this page we will be talking about the dinosaurs who ruled the ocean from the top predators to the ones who were so dangerous they were left alone. Lets Dive in!


Afraid of sharks? well this one will give you a new fear, up first we have the famous megaladon, this shark lived in the early Miocene period. First Lets compare the differences from the Great white shark they grow up to 15-21 feet for a female and 11-13 if they are a male. A megaldon grows up to 18 meters in diameter. The average great white shark weighs about 1,500 – 2,400 lbs white megaladon weighs 120000 Ibs major difference. Now lets talk about the jaws of this vicious killers. Its bite force was 4,032 pounds per square inch meaning it must have gone for animals such as whales. These sharks would have most likely just have been hunting by themselves, their size alone would have been enough to take on any predator.


The mosasaurus was one of the top predators during the Cretaceous - Paleocene. Mosasuarus grew up to 50 feet and weighed 30,000 lbs. Mosasaurs were like snakes they had two rows of teeth in their upper jaw, the main set, and another one that is a smaller set toward the rear and center of their mouths. These extra teeth called pterygoid teeth are thought to help hold and swallow lager prey whole.